Artisan Bean to Bar Chocolate

Sourcing unique cacao and working directly with growers is the first step in the process of creating our artisan bean to bar chocolate.

Sourcing directly from the cacao growers opens up a dialogue in which we can help the farm improve the quality of the beans they produce and they in turn benefit from the premium the beans command.

Working with farmers in this way allow us to develop a close relationship in which we can exchange ideas and notes about each harvest, the beans and growing conditions. For us at Zokoko, we see this as a central part of making our chocolate and a way to build relationships beyond a label or certification.

At Zokoko making bean to bar chocolate is all about celebrating the natural flavours that are present in the beans. Treating the beans with respect and care and carefully working with them to bring out their natural flavours. The result is satisfying chocolate full of flavor and intensity, a small piece is all you need.

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