About Zokoko

My dream is to make amazing, unique chocolate reflective of it’s origin. At the heart of Zokoko is our vintage Lehmann melangeur – broyeur, also affectionately known as “Molly”. The melangeur crushes the cacao nibs between giant granite rollers in order to release their natural cocoa butter. This process then results in a pure paste known as chocolate liquor or mass.

The chocolate liquor is then mixed with organic sugar and additional cocoa butter and refined to reduce the particle size. The refined mass is then conched – a process where the chocolate is heated and stirred to develop flavor and to create a luxurious texture.

The chocolate is then tempered and poured into moulds before each bar is carefully wrapped.

Zokoko’s dedicated bean to bar process was designed to celebrate chocolate in every way.

For me, making fine chocolate is a journey of discovery and with every bar a unique secret to unlock. It is my hope that you will enjoy the journey as much as I do.