Very Special Beans



Zokoko sources beans directly from Hacienda Tranquilidad, located near Baures in Bolivia to make our unique Tranquilidad 72% cacao chocolate.

This 63ha property of ‘wild chocolatales’ is situated at the origin of the Amazon basin and is adjacent to the Itenez Forest Reserve. It is a model property of ecologically sustainable management.

The land is extremely flat with a mix of flooded grassland and slightly raised ‘islands’ where the cacao trees grow. This cacao is known as Beniano or Cacao Silvestri, genetically unique and not found anywhere else in the world. The cacao on these islands is grown without intervention, making it some of the purest Heirloom cacao grown today.

The small pods produce a tiny bean, which is fermented in serabo timber boxes and then sun-dried. The cacao then journeys by boat up the River Itenez, then by road to La Paz where it is consolidated with our other beans from Bolivia. The beans are then transported to Arica Port in Chile where they are then shipped to Sydney.

Alto Beni

Alto beni is an organic farming region in central Bolivia boasting a unique micro-climate. In 2001 the World Bank introduced as agroforestry system encouraging farmers to develop systems, processes and methods to prepare high-quality crop for the export market.

Although cacao has been grown in the area for over 35 years, the World Bank project greatly improved the quality of cultivation, harvesting, drying and fermenting processes. In addition to cacao, farmers co-planted banana, papaya, tangerine, orange, grapefruit and various spices with great success. This ensures the farmers have a variety of high quality crop to sell throughout the year, allowing them to demand higher process, which in turn better support their families and communities.

Cacao pods are harvested in January and February. The seeds are extracted, fermented and dried before beginning their long road journey to La Paz where it is consolidated with our other beans from Bolivia.

We then gently roast the beans and process with minimal impact to retain the delicate citrus and honey notes.

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The Solomon Islands

Gaudalcanal 78%

Our newest bars, using beans from the Solomon Islands are the result of over 3 years work in the Solomon’s.

After meeting with the growers and visiting their farms, we were able to help them build a solar dryer. This improves the quality of the drying process and prevents the potential of ‘smoke taint’ which can occur when a smoke or ‘Samoan’ dryer is used for this part of the process.

Our Guadalcanal bar display lively citrus notes, with a deep chocolate resonance and lingering, satisfying finish.

Chale Milk  45%

Our first pure-origin milk chocolate bar. These beans from Chale, (pronounced:  char- lay) are perfectly suited to turning into milk chocolate. The light tropical fruit notes ‘dance’ in this creamy milk chocolate bar.

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