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Zokoko Artisan Bean to Bar Chocolate

Cacao nibs scattered on a wooden table and bowl with spoon
Zokoko was founded in 2006 by Dean and Michelle Morgan. Since the beginning, it has been their dream to craft amazing, unique chocolate that is reflective of its origin. It is their belief that making fine chocolate is a journey of discovery and within every bar, there is a unique secret to unlock. 

Zokoko chocolate has a depth of flavour that is rich and intense, but incredibly satisfying. We source the finest cacao beans from around the world and use traditional artisan methods to ensure our chocolate remains unique. You can learn more about the steps involved in our chocolate making process here

Working directly with growers to source cacao is the first step in the process of creating our artisan bean to bar chocolate. Sourcing directly from the cacao growers opens up a dialogue that allows us to provide constructive feedback and assist the farm in continuously improving the beans they produce. In turn, our growers benefit from the premium the beans command.

Working with farmers in this way allows us to develop a close relationship in which we can exchange ideas and notes about each individual harvest, specifically discussing the beans and growing conditions. For us at Zokoko, we see this as a central part of making our chocolate and a way to build relationships beyond a label or certification.

Zokoko's dedicated bean to bar process was designed to celebrate the uniqueness of each bar. It is our ongoing mission to bring to you artisan chocolate that evokes 'a special moment of deliciousness in your day'