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Artisan Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers

Cacao Beans and White Bag Ready for the Cacao Bean to Bar Chocolate Process
Sourcing Cacao Beans
Our artisan chocolate making process begins with sourcing exceptional beans directly from growers. By working closely with them in the fermenting and drying processes, we embrace the distinct flavours and nuances from each region
Roasting Cacao Beans

Roasting plays a critical role in the development of flavours. We carefully roast small batches of beans in our vintage Barth Sirocco ball roaster. Slower roasts at lower temperatures help achieve the perfect temperature for optimal flavour extraction.

Chocolate Melangeur
Our vintage Lehmann melangeur - broyeur gradually transforms the nibs into a thick paste, resembling liquid chocolate. Volatile compounds are released into the air, while unique floral and fruit notes present in the bean are retained.
Refining and Conching Chocolate

Organic sugar crystals and additional organic cacao butter are added and refined together. This step reduces the particle size of the chocolate to ensure the velvety, smooth texture of the finished bar. The refined mass is then conched, where the chocolate is heated and stirred. 

Temepering and Moulding Chocolate
The desired cocoa butter fat crystals are formed through a precise process of heating and cooling. Well tempered chocolate has a beautiful glossy sheen, a crisp snap and will melt evenly in the mouth as you enjoy it. The tempered chocolate is then poured into moulds. 

Zokoko Premium Chocolate Bars
Unique with rich layers of flavour, each bar is carefully packaged and ready to be enjoyed. Crafted with utmost care, each bar is a testament to our meticulous process, transforming exquisite beans into extraordinary chocolate that truly embodies its origin.